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Donna Joy hand sculpted sugar flowers

Sedona Wedding Cake by Donna Joy hand sculpted sugar flowers

Welcome to Sedona Sweet Art’s online marketplace. For Sedona Wedding Cakes please visit website for Cakes. Here you will find a wide variety of Proprietary blends, “top of the line” products including Pastry Chef Donna Joy’s award winning Baking Mixes, including her premium all purpose Gluten Free Flours, Cake, Scone, and pastry mixes. These products are developed exclusively by Pastry Chef Donna Joy for Sedona Sweet Arts. Now you can create a Donna Joy work of art in the convenience of your own home.

Donna Joy's Gluten Free Bread

Donna Joy’s Gluten Free Bread

The formulas are organic and not like any others you will find on the market today. Our products are made with only the finest quality ingredients. Gluten free, Vegan, Dairy Free, regular and alternate baking items are available. Even if you don’t have to have an allergy you will enjoy our gluten free products. They provide healthy alternatives to traditional processed flour.

Gluten Free Quiche

Gluten Free Quiche

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